Justice Net

The Shadow Cage

The Indie Book Marketing Crash Course


The Butterfly Compendium

Chasing the Star Garden

Chasing the Green Fairy

The Winner

The King and the Page

Lightning Blade

Shadow Flare


Fighting Chance

Dragon Documentaries


Stacey the Twin

A Taste of Death and Honey

By the Stars

Ruins of the Fall

Ashes of the Fall


Two-Fisted Jesus Tales

Four White Roses

Abolition: Book Two

Slice of Life Christmas

Hidden Lives: Eleanor and Franklin


Illustration by Nati Art (nati-art.blogspot.com)

The Ishtar Cup

Micah’s Island

In Silence Sealed

The Golden Odyssey

Mountain Hold

Dusk’s Revenge

Day’s Patience

Dawn’s Promise

Night Songs

Wild Angel

Rock’n Tapestries


Regan O’Reiley Goes to War

Regan O’Reiley Comes Home

Regan O’Reiley Undercover

Regan O’Reiley Private Investigator

The Regan O’Reiley Complete Series

Chicago Kingpins: Covered


The Sword Of Telemon

The Chrysalis

The Conundrum

The Cyprian

The Cryptographer

The Bold Heart

Listen To Your Heart

The Brave Heart

Single Wired Female


Blade of the Lucan

Sins of the Father

Waking Up In Vegas

What Happened in Vegas

Mind If I Come In

Baby Names

The Hospital of the All-But-Dead

Beyond The Underworld


Winter’s Child

Aislin of Arianrhod